Born with the intent to revolutionize the Payment Industry and bring basic banking services across cultural, geographic and demographic divides. India1 is already making its mark with unique operational model and exponential growth in a matter of a few months.

Our small team is growing fast. We'd love your help  in making India1 truly special. Come join us!

Current Openings

We offer more than a mere job, here It’s about engaging in challenging problems and finding solutions to them every day.

At India1, you can.....

Work on cutting edge Technology and Unchartered Territories in Payment Industry.

Work on Latest technology in ATM and POS space to revolutionize the way Payment Industry operates in India.

Solve Meaningful Problems

There is never a shortage of interesting, complex, and meaningful problems to solve at India1, no matter what department you're in.

Help shape the Future of White Label ATMs in India

Work on our unique operational model, innovative products and solutions to change the face of ATM Industry in India.

Work with Brilliant People

At India1 , we don't just hire smart people.
We hire people who are passionate and driven by their own personal purpose. who crave an open environment where they can be creative, ambitious and make a real impact.

Make a difference to Communities

By bringing basic banking services across cultural, geographic and demographic divides across India.

Amazing things happen Here.
All. The. Time.
Join us to be a part of this rocking family!

Meet our Team

Our team is just 110+ people - a tiny footprint for what's happened so far.

Life at India1 it is about engaging in challenging problems and finding solutions to them every day.

We don’t believe in just thinking, we believe in implementing our ideas and seeing the impact it has on the world around us.

Here’s what our people have to say about Life @ india1

If you are someone who has the appetite to think big and challenge the status quo, then India1 is a place to be in.

I was working with a MNC Telecom Operator before joining India1. The stable & monotonous job was not exciting anymore and the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond was the main reason for giving a serious thought of joining a startup. To be very frank, I also had a set of apprehensions about joining a startup in terms of uncertainties, absence of established processes and systems. But, thrill of exploring sea of opportunities in term of starting things from zero & handling bigger responsibilities outweighed those apprehensions.

When I joined India1 the systems and processes were well setup or were in the process of being implemented. The fun part was the open culture and transparency between leadership team and employees down the line. We have celebrated milestones like deployment of 500 /1000 ATMs well ahead of curve as well as recognized key achievers in this journey. The culture in India1 is full of energy and everyone is contributing more than his or her job. My journey so far has been quite exciting & engaging both in terms of my own learning and contribution to the business.


Basudev, a FMS, graduate from 2011 batch is leading our FP&A Vertical. Basudev is playing a critical role helping us at India1 shape our Business Model and Strategic Roadmap for the future.

If you’re somebody who enjoys the thrill of building something on your own, then India1 is a place to be in.

It has been only a few months at India1 and I already feel like I have always belonged here. The feeling of being associated with something right from the start, where you get the opportunity and responsibility to make it big, is very different and satisfying. It gives you a sense of achievement as well as scope to learn and add more feathers to your wings to fly high.

I always wanted to be apart of an organization, which offers you an opportunity to be an entrepreneur and at the same time gives you the cushion to learn, experiment and contribute not just to your business but also to the society at large. I always wanted to experience that feeling of building something with your own hands and India1 has precisely provided me this opportunity.


Sudhanshu, a SP Jain Graduate, 2008 batch Is a part of our Marketing Team leading our Site Acquisition & Planning Vertical and is helping us bring our vision of “Empowering Millions of Indian Citizens with the rightful access to their own money” alive.

Our team is growing fast…Come join us!