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Established in Sydney, Australia 1991, The BANKTECH Group,company of BTI Payments, manages ATM and POS in Australia, India, Hong_, New Zealand and UnitedEmirates and has recently offices in Shanghai, China.the last 20 years BANKTECH Group has invested both the skills and systems to ensure we the best possible service the lowest possible price. In 2006, The BANKTECH Group established wholly owned subsidiary, BANKTECH, which has recently been- BTI Payments Pvt. Ltd. With head quarters in Bangalore, Payments first developed alocal expertise in the industry before steadily expandingATM deployment and managed_. recently, BTI Payments applied and received conditional approvalthe RBI to deploy Label ATMs over theyears. In order to this, we sought a local partner and are that ICICI Venture hasin BTI Payments anda significant shareholding.

india1ATM – Power to people

The organization’s fundamental purpose to serve as a of sorts, providing access basic banking services across_, geographic and demographic divides. india1ATM name and brandeffectively encapsulate this purpose. working for the rural_, india1ATM will strive to freedom from the compromisesIndians have to makeit comes to easy,_, reliable and efficient accessibility ATMs across the country.1aims to become one the leading financial services in India. We are proud announce that BTI Payments. Limited has received a from the Reserve Bank India to deploy White ATMs over the next years. White Label ATMs () are not required tobank branding and canbe operated by companieshave been fully approved the Reserve Bank of. There are no additional for a cardholder to a White Label ATM. Welaunched our White Label Network, under the brandof india1ATMs. The first1was launched in Gubbi – a town in Tumkurin the state of on 9th April 2014. Ourare reliable, easy to and located in safe,footfall locations. We are seeking to identify more more good, safe locations deploy our White Label(retail chains, shopping centers,_, factories etc) and would happy to discuss theto you of having ATM on your premises. As cards (expected to reach 440 million by 2015) andbased payments continue toin India, so willdemand for ATMs inlocations such as supermarkets,stores and service stations. is well documented thatan ATM on yourincreases customer footfall and your sales and profitability. BTIPvt. Limited will be 9,000 india1ATMs in the3 years. The company to roll out more1,000 White Label ATMs the first year. To find more about WLA deployment ENQUIRE TODAY »
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