Frequently Asked Questions | Labelled ATM

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What type of cards be used at this?
india1ATM is a WhiteATM. Debit cards and cards (that permitwithdrawal) issued by banks India can be used this ATM for various. International cards or cards issued in India are accepted at this ATM.
What are the services/available at this ATM?
White Labelled ATM
Can these cards beat any White Labelled_/ any other bank ATMs the country? Is thecharged for the same?
Yes. The cards issued banks in India may used at this WhiteATM. However, the savingsaccount holders can have maximum of five transactionseach month at WhiteATMs/ any other bank_, which is inclusive of types of transactions, financial non-financial. Beyond this, thecan be charged by/ her bank.
What should be done the card is lost/_?
The customer may contact card-issuing bank immediately onthe loss so as enable the bank to the card.
What steps should atake in case ofATM transaction at otherATMs/ White Labelled ATMs, his account is debited?
The customer should lodge complaint with the card bank at the earliest.process is applicable even the transaction was carried at another bank’s ATM/ Labelled ATM.
Is there any time for the card issuing for re-crediting the customer’s for a failed ATM?
As per the RBI,&; have been mandated to customer complaints by- the customers account within 7 working days from theof complaint.
What is the option the customer in case is not addressed by / her bank within stipulated time?
The customer can take to the local Banking in such situations.
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